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There is no inopportune time to come in. Ultrasound imaging – at any stage of pregnancy – offers exciting opportunities.

We can look between the legs before 20 weeks and offer a “percentage,” but there is no confirmation of the sex of the baby until 20 weeks. Gender rechecks are free after 20 weeks.

Here’s a list of what you might see at each trimester:

First Trimester

  • heartbeat is visible
  • the unborn child is the size of a peanut
  • arm and leg buds can be seen
  • the unborn child demonstrates rest periods and twitches of activity

Second Trimester

  • movements peak at 17 weeks but are not always felt by the mother
  • the unborn child is about 6 to 12 inches long and can easily be seen on the monitor
  • arms, hands, legs, and feet are fully moulded
  • thumb-sucking can be observed

Third Trimester

  • the unborn child can be seen swallowing
  • organs are easily identified
  • breathing motion is seen approximately one-third of the time
  • hiccups are common
  • from the 7th month to term, the unborn child’s length increases 13 to 20 inches, and its weight nearly triples

We discuss this issue with everyone who chooses to have a non-diagnostic scan to ensure they make an informed decision. To date, there have been no documented side effects of ultrasound imaging. You might be reassured that Governing Health Officials would not permit the non-diagnostic service if there were known adverse effects to the unborn child.

There are no new findings to indicate ultrasound is unsafe. In 1993, the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine released an official statement regarding ultrasound imaging safety. It states that ultrasound has been in use since the 1950s, including service during human pregnancy. No confirmed biological effects when using typical intensities have ever been reported.

A session takes approximately 30 minutes for 2D or 45 minutes for 3D/4D. The actual scanning time takes between 10 and 20 minutes. Expect an extra 10 minutes for 3D/4D ultrasound scans.

The reason you don’t need a bursting bladder because we need only enough fluid to see the birth canal to compare it to the baby’s head size. In the medical sessions, we need to see the lower uterine segment to rule out a placenta previa or mass in that area that may complicate a vaginal delivery.

Ultrasound Preview offers a personal scan to expectant mothers. It allows you to bond with your unborn child by using a non-diagnostic approach to ultrasound imaging. The emphasis of the procedure is on the emotional benefits and our very realistic and recognizable 3D/4D images of the child and high-quality 2D images.

You do not need a referral from your doctor. Many pregnant women discuss having a non-diagnostic ultrasound with their doctor, and medical acceptance has been favourable. Attending physicians are hesitant to order expensive ultrasound testing through Alberta Health Care when there are no underlying medical problems. People recognize there are intangible benefits to viewing the unborn child in a comfortable, informal setting.

Many factors, such as the baby’s position, the amount of amniotic fluid and the amount of tissue between the probe and the baby, can affect the images’ quality. Although our highly-trained sonographers work hard to get the best photos, the quality varies from one scan to the next.

You may bring as many people as you like to your appointment. Keep in mind that the room is quite small, but your guests are permitted to enter in and out of the room if they wish. Keep in mind that all sounds in the room are recorded so too many voices may interfere with what the technician is explaining on the video.

With healthcare cutbacks, physicians will often only order one ultrasound scan at an earlier stage of a normal pregnancy, which is chiefly focused on making sure there are no problems with the pregnancy.

Ultrasound Preview offers the expectant parents an opportunity to view and bond with their unborn child for the duration of the pregnancy, in a relaxed atmosphere.

Some differences between routine ultrasounds and the scans we perform at Ultrasound Preview are:

Routine Ultrasound

  • Pictures of the ultrasound are not always available to take home.
  • A cross-sectional view of the baby is difficult to interpret.
  • Focus is not placed on the face of the baby.
  • Too early to positively determine sex.
  • Mother’s bladder must be full.

Ultrasound Preview

  • Printed ultrasound images, as well as DVDs, are offered.
  • A lengthwise view of a baby is easier to see and interpret.
  • Much attention is paid to the facial features of the baby.
  • Gender determination is guaranteed after 20 weeks gestation (if you want to know), or the next visit is free.
  • No need to have a full bladder.

We use DVD-R discs to record the ultrasound sessions. These discs work on most ordinary DVD players and do not require a computer for playback. We have found that DVD-R discs offer superior compatibility.

Yes! You receive the pictures, the USB bracelet (if applicable) and the DVD immediately after the appointment to take home and enjoy.